About Us

Let imagination soar.
Let the play begin.
Let nature prevail.
Let oranges, reds, greens, yellows, blues fill our childrens days.
Let them make triangles from circles and spaceships from squiggles.
Let our children dream with their eyes open.
And express all of it. Let us let our kids be the best of who they are.

That’s our biggest wish at DabbleAnd we made it our Mission.

“Spreading the joy of art across the world by inspiring imagination and free expression”
We emphasize on toxin-free and safe ingredients because we do not want to hold our children back from the joy of exploration in early childhood. As parents we do worry about chemicals, toxins and additives in children's products.  And so our mission started with a question. “Where are the child-friendly products for art and play?”
Once upon a time, not so long ago, Karen and Neha, could not find enough brands every time they searched for safe art products for their kids. As moms they were a very disappointed, and being trained expressive art therapists they knew something was missing. So they decided to take a shot at it themselves.
Small experiments in their kitchens were followed by long hours in a rented workplace. Crayons, finger paints all kinds of products were made by hand using various organic and natural materials. Every batch of products they made were turned over to the most vigorous of testers - their own kids and their kids’ friends - to play, colour and use any which way they wanted. As work progressed, the team grew with marketing professionals, customer specialists, communication experts, designers, production consultants coming onboard. And Dabble took shape.
They commissioned an industry-reputed team of scientists, food technologists and cosmetologists with specialised skills in developing child friendly products. At every stage of development, art teachers and occupational therapists were brought in, their views sought and changes made. Products were shared with parents in closed focus groups and their feedback was also taken. Until everyone was happy with the final results.
But then creating a great product is only half the story. The next task on hand was finding quality certified raw material suppliers and a GMP certified manufacturer. Dabble Products are certified by a globally recognised laboratory accredited by NABL (A Constituent Board of Quality Council of India).
So we are here now speaking to you with our first set of offerings - Crayons and Finger Paints. They are certified Toxin-Free. Everything is just right, because nothing but the best will do for our kids. And that’s why we are so excited to say “Kids just wanna Dabble!”.