Playart Workshop at Playdates, Bangalore

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Dabble Playart Workshop is designed for early childhood to inspire creative expression through colours. The workshop celebrates the experience of discovery through self directed play in colours, textures, shapes and lines using Dabble toxin free products specially designed for early childhood. This parent-child workshop is led by Expressive Arts therapists and is full of fun and colour. There’s no ‘colouring between the lines’, just free play in colours and pure bonding over play!

“Free play is healthy play”
“We have developed our Play Art series with advice from art teachers and occupational therapists. Art as part of play in early childhood heightens neural activity and helps in development of motor-skills, communication, individuality and awareness of the world around. Children don’t need rules in art. They just naturally learn to explore and express themselves. All of this leads to emotional balance and healthy growth.”
- Neha & Karen - Founders, Expressive Arts Therapists, Moms